The WWW Biz is the result of the talented in-house IT team for Costa Difference Ltd who are based in Yeovil, Somerset UK. We blend intelligent creativity with a sincere collaborative approach, consistently delivering powerful results for the company. We have staff based in several countries.

Our department has now been expanded so we can offer our services externally to independent clients that have nothing to do with the Company core business. That means we can also dedicate ourselves to helping new clients to develop more meaningful relationships with their customers through brand, communication, creative and the digital channels.

Our Advantage

We offers a great service in the design, development, programming and marketing of your website

Website Improvement

The overall look of your site could be that single factor that contributes to the overall image that your audience develops about you. We help you build credibility and portrays your brand as a remarkable player in the industry.

Updates & Security

It is never good to allow your security to lapse, especially on something as important as your website. We identify and eliminate all potential security risks on your site plus help you update your WordPress site with new plugins/themes.

Better Accessibility

You can make changes to your WordPress site from any computer at any place in the world that provides you access to the internet and a browser.

24/7 Support

The perfect way to help you protect the investment that is your website, or blog. One of the simple benefits of using our Support and Maintenance Gig is the speed of service.

Our Support Plans (Pricing)

Know More About Us

Below are some of the skills we are proud of

Our Creative Skills

WordPress Setup & Configurations 99.9%
WordPress Customizations 95%
WordPress Bug Fix 90%
Support & Maintenance 97%

FAQ Answers

We can truly build the businesses of our clients while we build ours. It’s this dedication to our people, and to you and your team, that enables us to build “clients for life.”

Across web or mobile platforms, whether the goal is leads, brand impression, purchases, donations, or participation, The WWW biz is one of the country’s leaders in the next generation of web effectiveness.

After receiving your interest in our organization, we plan our first interaction. Our team member will have a detailed conversation with you to understand your aspirations and requirements.

Our Happy Clients